Cafe Shroom Organic Mushroom Coffee Bags. 

  • 10 Easy to use coffee bags - use just like a tea bag! 

  • Ranked in the top 2-3% of all Speciality coffees with a Speciality rating of 86

  • Quality organic mushroom extract with Lion's Mane, Cordyceps and Chaga

  • Full bodied flavour with low acidity and tones of caramel and stonefruit  

  • Support and protect your immune system

  • Stimulate brain function and memory retention


Arm your defences.

Your immune system is like our own shield of armour, there to protect us from dangerous objects trying to harm us. It can however, sometimes be hard to keep our armour as strong as it should be. Sometimes our immune system needs help...

Our Chaga extract which is one key ingredient of our blend is an antioxidant superhero. This functional mushroom can help reduce stresses on your immune system in order to keep it strong, promoting good overall health as a result.  

Get through the day like a professional athlete!

Cordyceps mushrooms have been shown to increase energy levels for prolonged periods of time. So much so that Chinese professional athletes take Cordyceps extract in order to perform at their highest level. 

Now you may not be be professional athlete, however like many of us you may suffer from the dreaded 2pm slump in energy. Cordyceps mushroom extract helps maintain your energy allowing you to get through the day avoiding any slumps. 

Stimulate your brain

With many of us now working from home for long stretches (thanks, COVID!) we find ourselves suffering from a lack of clarity, difficulty maintaining focus and our concentration wondering. This is known as 'brain fog'.

Lion's Mane can help clear the fog and help our minds return to sunnier days. This is due to the fact Lion's Mane contains Nerve Growth Factor stimulating bio-actives, these can help boost many areas of cognitive functions such as learning, focus and memory. Paul Stamets, a world renowned Mcycoligst (study of fungi) even went to call it our first "smart mushroom" and we happen to agree. 

Never sacrificing taste 

Our Nicaraguan La Bastilla coffee is grown in a region called Jinotega which is considered by coffee experts to be the 'Top Dog' of the Nicaraguan coffee industry. This region of Nicaragua possesses volcanic soil along with a humid and tropical climate which allows the coffee to flourish. This results in a delicious, indulgent and consistent tasting cup of coffee. 

Still not sure?! Here's a video below where we explain why we believe Cafe Shroom is not just coffee you'll love but coffee that you won't want to go without!

  • 10 Coffee bags in every pouch 

  • Full bodied flavour with low acidity and tones of caramel and stonefruit

  • Stimulate brain function for a more productive day

  • Support your defences 

  • Avoid dips in energy 


"Tastes infinitely better than other brands of mushroom coffee I've tried. Definitely recommended!"

Daniel - Verified review

"Just so tasty, creating calm and focus in my day"

Jilly Rose - Verified review


Obviously we want you to be 100% satisfied. That's why we offer a 30-day money back Guarantee. If you're not happy, send it back for a full refund on your purchase It's as simple as that! We value customer satisfaction above anything else. Click link for full terms and conditions. 

  • What’s in our blend?

Speciality Ground Coffee 

Ground speciality coffee sustainably sourced and freshly roasted in the United Kingdom. Full of deep and rich flavours due to its high quality grade. 

Lion's Mane 

Dubbed the ''smart mushroom'' by many leading Mycologists (the study of Fungi). Our extract can boost cognitive function to boost your focus and support learning. 


A powerful antioxidant Chaga will help support your immune system whilst also supplying you with a boost of vital vitamins and nutrients.


Used by villages living high in the Tibetan mountains to increase their cardiovascular health at high altitudes, Cordyceps will help you maintain energy throughout your day.

  • Real Reviews from Real People


Where do your products come from?

Our Coffee comes from the best locations around the world where it is sustainably grown and we try wherever we can to work with projects that help their communities. Our coffee is then roasted in the United Kingdom. 

Like our Coffee, our Mushroom Extract is also organic and we manufacture our products here in the United Kingdom.

Do  I need to be a coffee expert?

Of course not. 

We'll be the experts so you don't have to.

Is there scientific backing for these mushrooms?

There's more and more research being done every day as the benefits of mushrooms are being embraced by the world. However, there are many studies online that can provide further information if that's what you are looking for.

Can I use your product as medication?

None of our products are meant to be used for medicinal purposes. It is always wise to contact your GP before taking dietary supplements especially if you currently have any health issues. This is especially the case if you are pregnant or on blood thinners.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Keep out of reach of children. Consult practitioner before use if you are pregnant, nursing, due surgery or on medication. These statements have not been evaluated by any official health authority.

Will I taste the mushrooms?

We're breaking the taboo on mushroom coffee, we've designed our blend to reduce the taste of the mushroom and bring the richness of coffee to the forefront. 

What about shipping and delivery?

3-5 days within the United Kingdom. International delivery times may vary and custom fees may apply, please check out our shipping policy for further details.